Week Note #227

I’ve been very tired most days of the last week, which resulted in a somewhat decreased productivity output on my side. Don’t really know why I couldn’t get in motion, but I suspect the fact that my body and mind adjusted to the fact that I wasn’t really travelling all that much in the past few weeks. Lets see how it goes, but next week will be different anyway since I have travel plans to Stuttgart and Berlin.

Despite all that, I’ve been busy at work with mostly rudimentary stuff. Nothing really exciting at the moment. I still struggle to do all the bureaucracy. All those travel expanses and tickets do need a couple of hours of my attention, but it’s just the kind of work that I can’t bring myself to do. I actually was thinking about giving money to the interns at our office and let them do the dirty job. Shameful, I know.

On another topic. We’ve been hinting here and there that we might do a conference on urbanisation and the future of cities. Well, it’s looking good. We’re all set on the date, the name and the city in which it will be happening. A little spoiler: we didn’t pick Berlin to host the first iteration of the conference, but we already do have an idea what we might want to do in Berlin as well.

I’m honestly super exited about the fact that we’re actually pulling this off. It’s a great pleasure to actually be part of the huge and impressive community that discusses the future of liveability on this planet (basically). Germany is doing great on topics like sustainability, but somehow there is very little, accessible conversation happening on the future of cities in this country. By doing this conference in Germany, we’re hoping to start the conversation and maybe attract some key figures that will help to launch a few projects here.

As for travel plans, I’ve booked a flight to Copenhagen. A bunch of us are going to the Ersatz Conference, which is a very good excuse to visit the capital of Denmark. It’s also a very good opportunity to meet a few regular visitors of the reboot conference again, since there is no reboot this year. Copenhagen will hopefully grant us the great weather we got last year for reboot. It’s really one of the most beautiful European cities; I really can see myself living there at some point in my life.