Hurricane Katrina, 10 years later

It might seem curious that after a long absence of publishing anything here, the first two post link to Buzzfeed stories. I assure you, it’s a coincidence. They do not need my traffic.

Together with my friends Chantal, Adrian and Daniel, I visited New Orleans in 2011. We arrived after some crazy days in Austin at SXSW. New Orleans was warm, welcoming and left quite the impression. The way I know that New Orleans is different to me is how many details stuck with me over the years. I can’t even remember when I was the first time in London or what I did there. But, as things usually are in the States, it’s not only pleasurable memories that you will end up carrying with you. Here’s the one that has been constantly on my mind:

I had a couple of cab drives during my visit to New York, Austin and New Orleans. But two stood out. The first one was in New York, where the cabbie talked to us about the USA. “This is America!”. Yes, sure. But the same phrase was used in a completely different way by the cabbie who drove us at 4 in the morning to the airport in New Orleans. He took us on a small tour through some of the worst districts of New Orleans, those who have been hit the hardest by Katrina and those who still look like it has been only a couple of days since nature decided to rain its rage upon NOLA. His disappointment almost sounded like embarrassment about the fact, that this indeed is America and nothing happens to really help those people.

Which leads me to Buzzfeed. They’re launching an extensive series on New Orleans, 10 years after Hurricane Katrina. You can find the description here, the series will be documented here and the first article is already up too. Go read it. It’s worth it.