A small addition to Steve Cheney's Apples vs. Google article

Steve Cheney wrote up an excellent article on how Apple vs. Google, represented through iOS vs. Android, are evolving into two, totally different paths. Here are two highlights.

Android is now the operating system of the world. It dominates any non-Apple, non-PC application. We still think of Android as a smartphone OS. But almost everything truly smart will run Android – new TVs, IoT devices, your home appliances etc.

Apple has a drastic advantage with wearables because it owns not only the OS, but also the semiconductor stack, the branding, the industrial design, the stores, and more of the direct distribution—wearables aren’t subsidized by carriers. So in a world of attaching computers to your body, the better metric is performance per watt per volume (or size).

He talks a lot about network effects and what how Apple manages to continuously secure that developers build applications first on iOS despite the fact that there are so many more Android devices out there.

A couple years ago, I made the switch from Android to iOS and I don’t see myself going back on that decisions. The most important reason: the services and features that make Android into a remarkable operating system are very tightly bound or provided by Google services. As a user, I really do not care for more of my date being exploited in a way that is not in my control. I use other – also cloud based – services. I like to distribute things a bit more.