Cracks in the manufactured normalcy

I tweeted this yesterday.

It might just be my filter bubble, but I see more cracks appearing in the manufactured normalcy of technology solutionist.

It was my way of processing Klint Finley’s article on Medium. Prada Revolutionaries ties right into the series of articles that I have been mentioning on this blog in the last few days.

Bright Green has become the left’s version of right-wing transhumanism: an excuse to not solve today’s problems, because tomorrow’s technology will fix them for us.

Klint spends his time pointing out how even the most ambitious movement have been co-opted by commercial forces. This might not sound as a the cracks in the manufactured normalcy in the title, but the fact that we see more of those observations emerge after a long – and retrospectively dark – period of trust into technology solutionism is. I only was reinforced in the statement of my tweet after realizing just today that Klint is a columinist for Techcrunch. At first his writing and his occupation seemed contradictory, an oxymoron. While in fact it is only natural that people exposed to the soulless, PR speak of the startup world would develop this worldview.

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