On Russell Brand

As many of you, I too have read Russell Brand’s excruciatingly long New Statesman piece. What are waiting rooms for, after all. It is one of those things that is constructed in a way that makes one feel comfortable with words like revolution and fills one with the sense of having done something against the establishment while in fact only reinforcing Brand’s brand.

But that’s not the largest problem I have with it.

Russell Brand is evidently an intelligent, knowledgeable person. He sees the world for what it is and is able to describe it fairly accurately. Yet, instead of using this ability to do something essential, something that doesn’t reinforces the capitalist loop he so furiously criticizes, he is using that to make himself a little bit more famous, a little bit more richer.

I find that despicable.

P.S.: Reading this Open Letter to Russell Brand triggered this post in the first place. You should read it.