Arriving in Mitte

It’s been two weeks since I moved into my new apartment in Mitte.

Oh boy, am I loving this all.

Never lived on my own before. Before that, it’s been either sharing a flat or moving with with a girlfriend. Both of which was great, but I right now I wouldn’t exchange anything for my own personal space. In the hectic of my current lifestyle, it’s a big psychological help to know that there is an apartment waiting for me in which I don’t need to share. The whole notion of entering a space and just knowing that I don’t need to talk to anybody else is a big help in itself. Interestingly enough, I didn’t even took me one week to think of this apartment as my “home”. Most likely, because I didn’t have any place to retreat to. Still, the lack of the adapting phase is fascinating.

And than there is Mitte, of course.

Say what you want, but I like it here. It plays a lot into the whole concept of a safe heaven and I find that important. At least for now. My street is always quite and my Foursquare neighborhood to-do list keeps growing with all the places which I want to check out. Just look at what kind of food you get at Bixels, which is 30 seconds away from my apartment:

Baked Potato

And when I’m not checking out new places, I always can go to my absolut favorites like Cocolo, do you read me?! or RSVP Paper. It’s an amazing place to be and right now, I wouldn’t exchange it for any other area of Berlin. Which I can afford to, since the office is on Kotti, which is opposite of Mitte-Mitte.

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  1. Sounds great! Welcome home ;)

    emzo · Jan 18, 07:53 AM · #

  2. Willkommen in Mitte! :-)
    Hier kommen einen immer alle besuchen – ideal für Wohnungsparties. Wenn man weiter am Rand wohnt, fragen sie erstmal: “Hm, wie fahr ich denn da?”
    Ins Cocolo muss ich auch wieder mal auf einen Schüssel Ramen… lecker!

    — Magdalena · Jan 26, 10:07 PM · #